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C1122 OIL FILTER (Interchangeable with Z89A, Z10 C-122, B233, B163, 15208BN30A)


Product Description


interchangeable with Z89A, Z89, Z10, C-1122, B233, B163, P552518, LF784, 15208BN30A


A brand new Sakura oil filter to suit a range of BOBCAT engines as well as the vehicles below. 

Manuf. Vehicle name Year Notes
Alfa Romeo Alfetta 1.8L, 2.0L 1968-1985 GLC, GT, GTV. Petrol. 4Cyl. AR016, AR062. DOHC 16V. Inc Coupe
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.8L, 2.0L 1981-1986 Petrol. 4Cyl. AR016. Carb. DOHC 16V
Audi 80 2.6E V6, 2.8E V6 1992-1995 B4. Petrol. ABC/AAH. MPFI. SOHC 12V. Inc. Quattro. From#Ch S034001.
Audi A4 2.4L V6 2002-2005 B6. Petrol. BDV. MPFI. DOHC 30V
Audi A4 2.4L V6, 2.6L V6, 2.8L V6 1995-2002 B5. Petrol. ABC/ACK/AFM/AGA/APR/APS. MPFI. SOHC12V/DOHC30V
Audi A4 3.0L V6 2001-2006 B6. Petrol. ASN/BBJ. MPFI. DOHC20V/30V. Incl. Quattro.
Audi A6 2.4L V6 1997-2001 C5. Petrol. AGA/APS. MPFI. DOHC 30V
Audi A6 2.4L V6, 2.7L V6, 2.8L V6 1997-2004 C5/C6 4B. Petrol. AGA/ACK/APS/ARE/BDV. MPFI. DOHC 30V. 
Audi A6 2.6L V6, 2.8L V6 1994-2000 C4/C5. Petrol. ABC/ACK/ACZ. MPFI. SOHC12V/DOHC30V. Inc Quattro.
Audi A6 3.0L V6 2002-2004 C6 4B. Petrol. ASN. MPFI. DOHC 30V. Inc Quattro
Audi A6 3.0L V6 FSi 2004-2005 C6. Petrol. BBJ. MPFI. DOHC 24V
Audi A8 2.8L V6 1995-1996 D2. Petrol. AAH. MPFI. SOHC 12V.
Audi Allroad 2.7L V6 2001-2006 C5. Turbo Petrol. ARE/BES. MPFI. DOHC 30V
Audi S4 2.7L V6 1999-2003 B5. T/T Petrol. APB/AGB. MPFI. DOHC 30V
Chrysler Voyager GS 3.3L V6 1997-on Petrol. A4. MPFI. OHV 12V. Inc Grand. (Ext. Wheelbase)
Chrysler Voyager RG 3.3L V6 2001-on Petrol. 2U. MPFI. OHV 12V. Inc Grand. (Std. Wheelbase). 
Daihatsu Delta 2.0L, 2.2L 1984-1999 V67/V68/V69/V107/V108. Petrol. 4Cyl. 3Y/4Y. Toyota. Carburettor. OHV 8V
Deutz Engines F3L310, F4L310    
Dodge& Dodge USA Ram Pickup 4.7L, 5.2L, 5.7L, 8.0L, 8.3L 1992-2009 1500/2500. Petrol. 6Cyl/V8/V10. EFI/DI. OHV 12V/16V/20V
Dodge& Dodge USA Dakota, Durango 4.7L, 5.2L, 5.9L V8    
Fiat 662N2    
Ford Cortina 2.0L 1980-1982 TF. Petrol. 4Cyl. OHC
Ford Escort 2.0L 1977-1981 Petrol. Carburettor
Ford Falcon AU, AUII, AUIII V8 1998-2002 Petrol. V8. W/- Oil Cooler
Ford Transit 2.0L 1996-2000 VG. Petrol. 4Cyl. NSJ. EFI. W/- A/C
Hatz Industrial 2L30C, 2L30S, 2L30Z, 2L40C, 2L40S, 2L40Z, 3L30C, 3L30S, 3L30Z, 3L30C, 3L40S, 3L40Z, 3M40, 4L30C, 4L30K, 4L30S, 4L30Z, 4L40S, 4M40, H2L30C, H3L30S, H3L30Z,    
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8 5/05/2002 WJ/WG. Petrol. 8N. MPFI. SOHC 16V
Jeep Cherokee 4.0L   1994-2001 XJ. Petrol. 6Cyl. MX. MPFI. OHV 12V
Jeep Cherokee 4.0L, 4.7L V8 1999-2005 BJC. Petrol. 6Cyl. MPFI
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L 1996-07/99 ZG. Petrol. 6cyl. 508MX. MPFI. OHV 12V.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L 5/05/1999 WJ/WG. Petrol. 6cyl. MX. MPFI. OHV 12V.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8 1999-2001 WJ, WG. Petrol. 8N. MPFI. SOHC 16V
Jeep Wrangler 2.5L, 4.0L 1988-1995 Petrol
Jeep Wrangler 4.0L 1996-2007 TJ. Petrol. 6Cyl. MX. MPFI. OHV 12V.
Landrover Discovery 2.5L TDi 1990-1999 200/300. MF7. Turbo Dies. 4Cyl. 12/18/20L. DI. OHV 8V.
Landrover Discovery 3.5L V8 1991-1993 ML7. Petrol. 22D/23D. EFI. OHV 16V
Nissan Cabstar 2.5dCi 2006-on Diesel. 35.13, 45.13. YD25.
Nissan Navara 2.5L TD 2007-on D40. Turbo Diesel. YD25.
Nissan Navara 2.5L TD 2006-on D40. Turbo Diesel. 4Cyl. YD25. DI. DOHC 16V. MFD In Spain
Nissan Navara 2.5L TD 2008-on D22. Turbo Diesel. 4Cyl. YD25. DOHC 16V
Nissan Navara 2.5L TD 2005 11/05-06/06 D40. Common-Rail Turbo Diesel. 4Cyl. YD25. DI. DOHC 16V.
Nissan Pathfinder 2.5L dCi 2006 06/06-on R51. Turbo Diesel. 4Cyl. YD25/YDK25. DI. DOHC 16V
Nissan Pathfinder 2.5L dCi 2005 07/05-06/06 R51. Turbo Diesel. 4Cyl. YD25. CRD. DOHC 16V.
Nissan Pathfinder 3.0L V6 TD 2010-on R51. Turbo Diesel. V9X. DI. DOHC 24V
Nissan X-Trail 2.2L dCi 2006-on Diesel. T30 Series. YD22ETi.
Scania D11, DS8, DS9, DS14, DSC9, 11, 14 Eng.    
Toyota Hiace 2.4L 1989-1998 Petrol. 4Cyl. RZH125. LWB. 2RZ SOHC
Toyota Dyna 2.2L 1986-1991 YU62R. Petrol. 4Y
Toyota Commuter Bus 2.4L 1989-1992 Petrol. RZH125. 2RZ
Volkswagen Golf 1.5L D 1978-1982 GLD. Diesel. 4Cyl. CK
Volkswagen Golf 1.9L TDi 1995-1998 1H. Turbo Diesel. 4Cyl. 1Z. SOHC
Volkswagen Passat 1.5L D 1979-1982 GLD. Diesel. 4Cyl. CK. Carburettor
Volkswagen Passat 2.8L V6 2001-20004 3B. AWD. Petrol. AMX/BBG. MPFI. DOHC 30V
Volkswagen Passat 2.8L V6 1998-2001 3B. Petrol. ACK. MPFI. DOHC 30V
Volvo 240 Series 1979-1986 740  W/-B23E Eng. Petrol.
Volvo 260 All Models 1978-1986  
Volvo 260 All Models 1978-1986 Panel Air Filter
Volvo 740  2.3L 1985-1992 B200A,200E,200K/B230A,230E, B230F,230K.  B25ET,B28ET.
Volvo 760 2.8L V6 1986-1990 Petrol. B28F. MPFI
Volvo 760 2.8L V6 1983-1986 Petrol. B28E. MPFI
Volvo 850 2.3L, 2.5L 1992-1997 LS51/55/57/58. LW51/55/56/57/59. Petrol. 5Cyl. MPFI. DOHC10V/20V.
Volvo S40  1.8L 1997-2001 VS14/VS14 II. Petrol. 4Cyl. B4184S2. MPFI. DOHC 16V
Volvo S70 2.3L 1997-2000 LS53. T5. Petrol. 5Cyl. B5234T3. MPFI. DOHC20V. May use different oil filter 
Volvo S70 2.5L 1997-2000 LS51/55/56. Petrol. 5Cyl. B5252S/B5254S/B5254T. MPFI. DOHC10V/20V
Volvo S80 2.9L 1998-2003 TS97. Petrol. 6Cyl. B6304S3. MPFI. DOHC 24V
Volvo V70 2.3L 1997-1999 LW53. R AWD. T5. T/Petrol. 5Cyl. B5234T3. MPFI. DOHC 20V.



Warranty Information

This filter will not void your vehicle's warranty. It is manufactured to meet the performance requirements appropriate to the application and is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Our suppliers have attained international certifications including ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002.

New Car Warranty: Under the Trade Practices Act, dealers cannot limit their warranty obligations or claim the warranty is void if the vehicle is appropriately serviced by someone other than the dealer or its agent. This applies to new and second hand vehicles (except those sold at auction).

The consumer needs to ensure that the selected service centre employs qualified staff, the servicing complies with manufacturer’s specifications and uses genuine or appropriate quality goods.

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