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CABIN/POLLEN FILTER FORD WACF0026 (Interchangeable with RCA100C)


Product Description


interchangeable with WACF0026, RCA100P, RCA100C, CA1915 BA19N619A



A brand new WESFIL cabin filter to suit the vehicles listed below:


Manuf. Vehicle name Year Notes
Ford Falcon BF 4.0L 2006-04/08 LPG. I-III. 6Cyl. Barra 190. DOHC 24V. Air could be WA5139.
Ford FPV F6 Tornado Ute 4.0L, Typhoon 4.0L 2004-on BA, BF. Petrol. 6Cyl. 270KW. TMPFI
Ford Territory 4.0L  2005 10/05-04/08 SY. 2WD, AWD Trb. Petrol. 6Cyl. Barra 190/245T. MPFI. DOHC 24V
Ford Fairlane 4.0L, 5.4L V8 2003-2007 BA, BF. Petrol. MPFI. SOHC. DOHC 24V
Ford Falcon BA 4.0L 2002-2005 BA I-II. LPG. 6Cyl. Barra 156. DOHC 24V. Air could be WA5139
Ford Falcon BF 5.4L V8 2005-04/08 Petrol. Barra 220. MPFI. Excl. 290KW
Ford Falcon BA 4.0L 2002-2005 BA I-II. Petrol. 6Cyl. Barra 182/240T. MPFI. DOHC 24V
Ford Falcon BA 5.4L V8 2003-2005 BA. Petrol. Barra 220. MPFI. 290Kw. Incl XR8
Ford Falcon BA 5.4L V8 2002-2005 BA. Petrol. Barra 220. MPFI. Excl. 290kW
Ford Falcon BF 4.0L 2005-04/08 I-III. Petrol. 6Cyl. Barra 190. MPFI. DOHC 24V
Ford Falcon BF 5.4L V8 2005-04/08 Petrol. Barra 220. MPFI. 290KW Inc.XR8.
Ford Falcon FG 2.0L 2012-on FG II. XT/G6/G6E. EcoBoost. Petrol. 4Cyl. B4204T. DI. DOHC 16V
Ford Falcon FG 4.0L 2008 05/08-on FG/FG II. LPG/LPI. 6Cyl. Barra 156/ECOLPI. DOHC 24V
Ford Falcon FG 4.0L, 5.4L V8 2008 05/08-on FG/FG II. Petrol. 6Cyl. Barra 195/270T/290. MPFI. DOHC 24V. Inc Turbo
Ford Falcon FG 5.0L V8 2010-on FG. Petrol. Boss 315/335. MPFI. DOHC 32V
Ford FPV GT 5.4L V8, GT-P 5.4L V8 2003-on BA, BF. Petrol. 290KW. MPFI. Inc. XR8
Ford FPV Pursuit Ute 5.4L V8 2003-on BA, BF. Petrol. 290KW. MPFI. Inc. XR8. Inc Super Pursuit Ute.
Ford LTD 5.4L 2003-2007 BA, BF. Petrol. SOHC. MPFI
Ford Territory 2.7L V6 TD 2011-on SZ. 2WD/AWD. Turbo Diesel. 276DT. DOHC 24V
Ford Territory 4.0L 2008-on SY,SZ. 2WD,AWD. F6X.Petrol. 6Cyl.Barra 190/245T. F6270. MPFI. DOHC24V
Ford Territory 4.0L 2004-2005 SX. 2WD, AWD. Petrol. 6Cyl. Barra 182. MPFI. DOHC 24V


WIDTH: 210mm
HEIGHT: 30mm
LENGTH: 270mm

Warranty Information

This filter will not void your vehicle's warranty. It is manufactured to meet the performance requirements appropriate to the application and is covered by the manufacturer's warranty when fitted by a licensed mechanic. Our suppliers have attained international certifications including ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002.

New Car Warranty: Under the Trade Practices Act, dealers cannot limit their warranty obligations or claim the warranty is void if the vehicle is appropriately serviced by someone other than the dealer or its agent. This applies to new and second hand vehicles (except those sold at auction).

The consumer needs to ensure that the selected service centre employs qualified staff, the servicing complies with manufacturer’s specifications and uses genuine or appropriate quality goods.

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